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Dates for the Diary February 2021

Members Coffee Table – Tuesday 9th February, 3-4pm

We’re very excited to host our first meeting of the year! We trialled a smaller, more relaxed ‘coffee table’ format towards the end of last year, and it was very lovely indeed.

Spaces are free, but we encourage you to reserve a spot via Eventbrite so that we don’t get overcrowded.

If we want to be the ‘UK Disability Arts Alliance’, we need to represent and act on as many issues as possible whilst representing as many people & groups as possible. So please come along & say hi – it’s up to us what happens next!

What should we do next? Do you have ideas for a campaign? Have some disability arts news you’d like to talk about? Fancy a break from other meetings to sit and chill with a brew for a bit on a Tuesday?

Click the following link to head over to Eventbrite:

Click here to access the agenda & Zoom link:

If you do not have the password yet for this year, please email with a request!

Campaign Group Meeting – Thursday 11th February, 3-4.30pm

Fancy getting involved in our next campaign? Have any ideas of what you think We Shall Not Be Removed should be doing this year?

Come along to our first campaigns group meeting of the year! We haven’t met in many months, so newcomers are VERY welcome & encouraged. You can find out about our previous campaigns over on our Campaigns Page here:

More information about the meeting will be posted soon on the website, and a password will be required in order to access the Zoom link for the meeting.

Click here to access the agenda & Zoom link:

If you do not have the password yet for this year, please email with a request!

If you are a disabled artist/creative/person working in the creative industries and would like to get involved, please just pop us an email at and we’ll send over the password to the documents.

News noticeboard

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2021!

We hope that everyone was able to get some rest over the transition into the New Year, and that hopes are high for the unpredictable year ahead.

Thanks to Arts Council England, we are able to continue our work over the next six months, but we want you to help us shake things up a bit!

What are we doing differently?

We’ll be having monthly ‘Coffee Table’ meetings as well as smaller working group meetings, and will be saving the bigger, more formally structured Alliance meetings to once every couple of months.

We’ll keep on with our Who’z in the Zoomz (my new spelling, what do you reckon?) and our campaigns, and want these to be guided by our hundreds of members.

We’re re-launching our working groups and are looking for new ways to get everyone involved.

How can you get involved?

Coffee Table

If you’d like to be involved but are not sure how, or just want to keep up with what’s going on, our new monthly coffee tables are the perfect space 🙂

We had one pilot coffee table last year, and it was a really nice and relaxed atmosphere where we were able to talk about anything and everything. We’ll be posting dates for the next one shortly, so look out for that here on our Noticeboard, our mailing list and on Twitter.

Conveners / Steering Group

The conveners or ‘steering’ group are the group of volunteers who set up the #WeShallNotBeRemoved movement in May last year. They meet monthly and discuss all aspects of business, funding, news in the disability world, manage the Seven Principles and more. We really want to expand this group and include a wider variety of professionals, so if this sounds like your type of commitment, please email

Specific Working Groups

We have a range of working groups which are a smaller group of members who focus on campaigns or issues to do with a particular subsect of intersectional disability arts in the UK. We’ve previously had working groups for Campaigns, Access, Black Artists, Screen Industry, Visually Impaired Artists and LGBTQIA+.

These groups are organic in that they’re set up and created by you, our members, so if there is a particular issue you’d like to find out more about or a skill you’re interested in developing/sharing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ellie, our new Project Coordinator, or come along to one of our Coffee Table meetings to see what’s going on.

We currently have Beacon Films coordinating our Screen Industry group and the lovely Dr Jessi Parrot coordinating our LGBTQIA+ group. The other groups are ‘up for grabs’ as it were, so please do get in touch if you’re interested!

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We also have a shared space on Slack, where members can chat to each other and share new opportunities for disabled artists. This isn’t our main area of communication and is more of a casual space. If you’d like to sign up and join the space, please email