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Front Row Podcast on BBC Sounds

Future of Disabled Theatre, Disability Champion Andrew Miller, London Symphony Orchestra

Disability News Service

‘Vaccine passport’ scheme is ‘deeply troubling’, say disabled artists.

Arts Professional

Disability Arts Alliance demands potential vaccine passport to be fully inclusive

2020 Press Coverage for #WeShallNotBeRemoved

Recovery: The Cultural Sector Must Be Fully Inclusive
Arts Professional

Who will return after the interval?
Arts Professional

The Other Side: Resetting the Dial on Inclusion
Arts Professional

#WeShallNotBeRemoved: New National Disability Arts Initiative Launched
a-n News

Plastic Waste in Lockdown, Dental Plans and Disability Arts
You & Yours, BBC Radio 4

UK Disability Arts Alliance ‘We Shall Not Be Removed’ responds to the current crisis
Disability Arts Online

Crippen supports the UK Disability Arts Alliance ‘We Shall Not Be Removed’ who are responding to the current crisis
Disability Arts Online

Disability Arts: A Power of Disabled People
Disability Issue

Coronavirus: Action celebrates disability arts while highlighting pandemic concerns
Disability News Service

Round-up: Failing justice system, arts leaders speak out, and Scotland’s shielding caution
Disability News Service

We Shall Not Be Removed: An Open Letter to UK Cultural Ministers
Drake Music

View on the danger for the arts; action is needed now
The Guardian

Disability campaigners warn of UK’s progress unravelling in the arts
The Guardian

After The Interval, Act 2: Full Report

UK Disability Arts Alliance Vows #WeShallNotBeRemoved by Hasty COVID Planning
Museums and Heritage Advisor

Leading Disabled Artists & Cultural Leaders Send Open Letter to UK Culture Ministers
Official London Theatre

A New Alliance: in conversation with #WeShallNotBeRemoved
Still Ill OK

Coronavirus: ‘Disability Arts Must Be Safeguarded’ 140 Artists Demand
The Stage

Theatre 2021: Jenny Sealey on… Disability in Theatre
The Stage