Thank You for Everything!

Image Description: A Screenshot of the 5 x 4 gallery view of members from our Friday 18th June final We Shall Not Be Removed All Alliance Meeting.

A big old thank you to everyone who came and joined us on Friday 18th June for our last All Alliance Meeting (for now!)

Please bear with us as things now slow down & wrap up in their current form ahead of a much-earned summer break.

As part of our efforts to archive the project, we are producing a WSNBR Online Zine as well as a new gallery feature for the website. The zine is already in production, and will contain text & visual contributions from our members, conveners and campaigns.

Open Call Out

We are holding an open call out for visual art submissions on our campaign theme of an ‘Inclusive Recovery’ or generally inspired by We Shall Not Be Removed.

As we are already in the process of finalising the zine, we can’t promise that all submissions will be entered into the final publication. However, our online gallery feature will be updated on a light touch basis over the next few months, so we’d love to show your work there.

If you’d like to submit anything, please email