CALL OUT FOR VIDEO SUBMISSIONS: What do you think of the Covid Certification Status proposals?

You can download this call out for submissions as a pdf by clicking here.


DEADLINE: Wednesday 21st April 8pm

We are looking to put a short video together which shares our varied views regarding the government’s proposed Covid Certification Status – or ‘Vaccine Passports’ as they are widely termed.

You can view the official response that We Shall Not Be Removed provided to the government during the official ‘Call for Evidence’ phase by clicking the following link to our website: 

Our in-house resident filmmaker Revell Dixon is putting together a video compilation of our members’ views on this topic. 

We ask that videos be filmed in landscape, are filmed in a well lit space with no background audio, and are no longer than 2 minutes.

 Once you have recorded your video, please email it to us via WeTransfer.

Please email the video to the following email addresses:  &